Forklift Training

Gain The Skill and Industry Insights with Our Forklift Training

What’s your idea of a healthy and rewarding career? We recommend you set a goal to become a professional forklift operator by enrolling in our extensive and high quality forklift training. You will be faced with no nagging boss that usually happens in a white collar job. We have analysed the entire situation of the industry and then designed our trainings so you can learn precisely what is beneficial. Our forklift training can be tailored according to your requirements. This highly depends upon your learning capabilities and prior knowledge of the subject.

Pricing and funding options

As highly expensive as it may sound, the truth is our forklift training is extremely affordable and comes with various funding options. We have introduced a no interest rate funding option which will help you train without paying and pay once you are finished. It has helped so many trainees become professionals and the best part is that there is no kind of hidden or extra charges involved while repaying.

Counterbalance forklift training

A counterbalance truck is the most common type of forklift used throughout the country. This is the reason why we majorly train on counterbalance forklifts so you can make the most out of your skill. As the name suggests, a counterbalance forklift is amazing when it comes to balancing load. The entire forklift mechanism depends on its ability to lift weight and balance it properly.

Refresher forklift training

This type of forklift training comes in handy under various situations. If you have undergone a forklift training years ago but did not practice it or pursue a relevant career then you will need to undergo a refresher forklift training so you are familiarised with the new policies and techniques of handling a forklift. Companies across the country ask their employees to undergo refresher training to ensure workplace safety.

Reach truck training

This compact exceptional machinery will allow you to move forward only when the load is properly secured in place. It is used mostly in warehouses and manufacturing industries.

Career opportunities

Do you know you can make up to £30,000 per annum as a forklift operator? There are hundreds of available forklift operator jobs in the UK which are secure and rewarding. There is an increment at the end of each year which keeps you motivated and right on the track.